Major Bicycle Manufacturer


To automatically receive tubes directly from the existing tube cutting machine, punch two holes, rotate the tube 90 degrees and stencil the bicycle's serial number without the dirty product affecting the quality of the finished part or the performance of the equipment.


To utilize a "walking beam" transfer system for accurate part placement throughout the process. Specially designed die heads support the tubes from the inside diameter while punching. Hydraulic stencil station provides consistent serial number depths.

Special Considerations:

Punch two 3/8" diameter holes with the minimum burr remaining on the inside of the product.
Stencil station must provide sequential serial numbers.
Punched holes must be located 90 degrees from the serial number location.
Machine cycle-time requirement of 3 seconds must be maintained along with a 98% machine efficiency rating.

Equipment Furnished:

24 station linear transfer base machine
Two, 2.5 ton hydraulic punch stations.
Hydraulic stencil station (10ton).
Complete interlocking guarding system.