Major Large Appliance, Household & Consumer Products Manufacturer.


To automate the assembly of the four (4) leg bolts that go into the base of a major appliance and load the finished assembly onto a folded carton.


Design and fabricate a completely automatic assembly system with multiple stations for the automatic feeding and positioning of appliance bases, feeding, placement and tightening of four bolts onto the bases, feeding and positioning of folded cartons onto a roller conveyor, and finally the automatic transferring of the assembly on the folded carton.


Provide a system capable of being manually loaded via two collators.
Automatically load the bases and the cartons into the assembly system.
Automatically feed the leg bolts.
Automatically drive the leg bolts into the appliance base.
Automatically feed and position the folding carton for loading.
Automatically load the assembled appliance base onto the folded carton.


 One (1) collator station for bases.
 One (1) base transfer system.
 One (1) base assembly fixture
 One (1) vibratory bowl for feeding bolts.
 Four (4) torquing/screwing stations.
 One (1) collator station for cartons.
 One (1) carton transfer system.
 One (1) vacuum control system.
 One (1) vertical axis control system.
 One (1) horizontal axis control system.
 One (1) pendant arm operator control station.