Major Small Appliance, Household & Consumer Products Manufacturer.


To automatically assemble the inner workings of two (2) different electric can openers without the need for any changeovers.


Design and fabricate a multi-station assembly system with conveying, parts feeding, very accurate positioning systems, pick and place cells, and screwing stations, for the purpose of producing electric can opener modules at the rate of 625 per hour.


Provide an integrated fully automatic and semi-automatic assembly system.
Provide critical positioning capabilities.
Design to guarantee no changeovers.
Provide rotation capabilities when gears do not engage properly at placement.
Provide manual motor loading station.
Provide automatic parts feeders for all components except the motor.
Flag any incomplete modules for manual rework.


 Eight (8) intermittent motion assembly stations.
 One (1) table top closed loop conveying system with transport pallets.
 Six (6) special positioning systems.
 Eight (8) vibratory parts feeders.
 Off-line systems for shaft, drive gear, ball gear, and intermediate pin orienters.
 Four (4) axes programmable robotic system.
 Eight (8) pick and place cells.
 Two (2) snap ring placers.
 Two (2) contact placers.
 One (1) manual motor placement position.
 Five (5) spindle screwing/torquing units.