Flexcell is a flexible X, Y, & Z assembly cell.

The X axis & Y axis are both programmable to within .001" accuracy. The Z axis can either be programmable or pneumatic. Almost any style of of end-of-arm tooling can be incorporated from standard grippers to automatic start/stop autofed screwdrivers. The assembly cell can be used as a stand-alone automatic/semi automatic station or combined with multiple cells and a conveyor to form an entire system. Optional rotary (W) axis and pivoting (R) axis can be added.

Foot Print:1 Meter Sq. (39.4" x 39.4")

Format: 5 Axis Cartesian (X,Y,Z,W,R)

Control: AB SLC503/4 with axis control by IA

Programming: AB = APS - AXIS = SEL

Work Envelope: X = 600mm (23.6") : Y = 500mm (19.6")

Z = 300mm (11.8") : W = 360 degrees : R = 180 degrees

Payload: 7.9Kg (17.4 lb)

Axis Speed: 500mm/s

The Flexcell is a robotic device that is capable of X,Y,Z,W,R, (5 axis) servo control.