Major Small Appliance, Household & Consumer Products Manufacturer


To automate a very labor intensive operation to produce finished machined flexible couplings.


Design and fabricate a machining system in a turret with eight (8) work stations for the purpose of producing finished flexible couplings at the rate of 2000 parts per hour.

Special Considerations:

Provide inspection stations to determine the presence and position of the coupling, then not drill if improperly positioned or missing.
Drill #13 (0.85") diameter holes in each of the tandem couplings.
Probe all couplings for the hole presence and if missing, unload as rejects.
Tap #12-32 holes, one in each part.
Unload only good couplings for pack out.
Reject all unacceptable parts into rework bin.

Equipment Furnished:

 Intermittent motion machining turret with four (4) stations.
 Automatic loading into twin stations.
 Sensors for probing parts presence, positioning, work in process, and extracting.
 Two (2) drilling heads.
 Two (2) tapping heads.
 Pneumatic Pick & Place System for unloading & transferring good finished couplings.
 Automatic rejecting of unacceptable parts.