Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturer.


To increase productivity and yield over the current manufacturing process, where the existing four machines each require a full-time operator.


Provide a fully automatic assembly system that runs at a rate of 90 pieces per minute, will not damage the product and requires only maintaining the level of parts in the feeding system.


The N.P. (needle point) length must be gauged to approximately .004" without doing any damage to the cannula point.
No damage (no matter how insignificant) can be done to the product during the assembly process.
Cannula inserts must be fed from storage racks automatically.

NOTE: Previous attempts, by others at automation, had failed.


 12 station rotary indexing base.
 Automatic rack handling station.
 Automatic gauging station.
 Vibratory feed system for the hubs.
  All equipment manufactured out of quality grade stainless steel and meets pharmaceutical standards.