Major Automotive Oil Filter Manufacturer.


To automate the assembly of an automotive oil filter over pressure relief valve with critical spring tension compression setting at a production rate of 60 parts per minute.


Design and fabricate a completely synchronous assembly system with multiple stations for the automatic feeding and placement of four parts including a rivet requiring a penetration at a precise depth assuring rigid spring compression settings.


Provide a system capable of monitoring every function in the assembly process.
Probe for acceptable and unacceptable assemblies.
Supply a counter for good and total parts.
Low force part sensing for wafer like materials.
Part present & position sensing of rivet prior to setting.


 A twenty four (24) station intermittent motion turret.
 One (1) indexer.
 Four (4) sensors.
 One (1) system fault indicator schematic diagnostic diagram.
 One (1) reject station.
 Fully synchronous controls using gray scale encoder.
 Timing adjustments directly through Panelview 600 display panel.
 One (1) vibratory bowl for feeding bolts.
 Four (4) torquing/screwing stations.
 One (1) collator station for cartons.
 One (1) carton transfer system.
 One (1) vacuum control system.
 One (1) vertical axis control system.
 One (1) horizontal axis control system.
 One (1) pendant arm operator control station.