Major Automotive Oil Filter Manufacturer.


To design an operator free system that would allow for component stability, the running of many different sizes and maintaining constant datum control points for easy and quick changeovers, by automatically assembling empty cans into pucks.


Design and fabricate a pucking system with can and puck infeed conveyors and vary the puck depths and inner diameters to allow any size can to end up at the same height, hence eliminating changeovers downstream at the filler, sealer, labeler, etc.


Provide a system capable of accepting empty cans at an upper level.
Provide a system capable of accepting empty pucks from a recirculating conveyor at a lower level.
Assemble the cans into the pucks without an attendant.
Accomplish the assembly without scuffing, marring or marking the outer surfaces of the cans in any way.


 An eight (8) station continuous motion rotary assembly turret.
 An empty can infeed screw assembly.
 An upper level starwheel.
 A lower level starwheel.
 A disappearing split-level dead plate.
 Safety interlocking guarding system.
One (1) floor support frame.
 One (1) inclined cleated belt conveyor.
 One (1) strip off mechanism.
 One (1) discharge chute.
 Four (4) adjustable threaded legs.