Major Automotive Filter Manufacturer.


To create an operator free testing system that would allow for checking the absence or presence of threads in the tap plate of finished filters entering our equipment from a seaming station.


Design and fabricate a continuous motion testing turret system which will automatically accept finished filters straight from a seaming station, positively control, transfer, and insert them into our checker which inserts probes into a hole, injects air, and based upon the pressure generated, determine whether the part is threaded or not.

Special Considerations:

Provide a system capable of accepting filters for inspection.
Accept the filters automatically without the need for an operator/attendant.
Reject to an isolated area any filters without threads.
Accomplish the testing without damaging any of the surfaces of the filter and without affecting functionality, in any way.

Equipment Furnished:

A six (6) station continuous motion rotary turret.
An infeed starwheel.
An outfeed starwheel.
A compressed air injection system.
A pressure differential measuring system.
PLC control.
Quick changepart fixtures.