Dependable System Engineering.

Because no-one understands your concepts better.

We understand that
Time-to-Market and Strict Confidentiality is imperative to our clients. We know that the value of clear communication is quantifiable, so we work hard to cummunicate often and document design objectives.

DSE is your complete source for all phases of electrical analysis, design and manufacture of machine & process controls. We can also take a machine that has either outlived its useful life, has become obsolete, or has become inefficient and make it a productive piece of equipment again, as it was when it was new.


Dependable System Engineering began as a consulting service organization, providing engineering design expertise for special automated machinery. The company has expanded into a full service organization that engineers, designs and builds machinery for semi-automated manufacturing facilities or fully automated manufacturing processes.

Our customers range from medical manufacturers and telecommunications companies to producers of automobiles and household products.

When you need specialized high speed automation machinery, identifying the best group to design, engineer and build your solution is strategic to the success of your organization.  The performance and reliability of your equipment is, after all, crucial. Success depends on your selecting a production team who can understand, analyze and deliver to your precise requirements.


Dependable System Engineering's difference starts with the extraordinary versatility it brings to this field, as reflected in the range of customers.

The company's principals bring over 60 years of combined experience to their mission of engineering, designing and building specialized machinery solutions for your automation challenges. Indeed, Dependable System Engineering's superb aptitude for grasping any application - from household to high-tech - sets it apart as the group flexible enough to examine any kind of automation project. It's just one reason why customers keep coming back to Dependable System Engineering when each solution must be new and different. What's more, since Dependable System Engineering greets each subsequent job with the same consistent solutions-based approach, your team is already in place. When your next project arises, Dependable System Engineering will already be acquainted with your company's background, needs and intentions. Our customers discover they need no longer shop around at the start of each new job.


We help our customers determine the optimal level of automation to meet their needs. This translates into systems built for future expansion without inflating the initial investment.


We are committed to teaming product quality with long-term reliability, when designing a single or manual station, or a complex multiple operation system.


We build every machine under the same Dependable System Engineering standards of tight scrutiny for attention to detail and accuracy.


Dependable System Engineering oversees all installations at customer sites when required. Our technicians insure expeditious installation so your new equipment is quickly on line and producing. Following initial installation, Dependable System Engineering continues to demonstrate its dedication to customer satisfaction, whether your needs are spare parts or machine service.


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