Dependable System Engineering.

Specialists in Honeycomb Structural Panel Machinery  
Our machines are used by companies involved in production of panels installed in numerous commercial and aerospace applications worldwide


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Dependable System Engineering.


The Sheeter Stacker is designed to feed, cut and stack honeycomb paper in alternating layers to a predetermined height and be capable of producing variable lengths while at the same time stacking the sheets accurately. The paper de-reeler must constantly monitor the weight of the paper roll and adjust its speed accordingly. The cut edge must be square to within +/- .02" over the 24" wide sheet.
The cut sheets must be stacked with lines of glue offset on alternating layers of paper. The finished stack of paper must be presented to the operator for easy removal.

This is achieved by one weight compensating de-reeler and dancer mechanism, a linear shuttle table capable of handling lengths from 24" to 120"and a vertical stacking bed with horizontal transfer mechanism.

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